Jamaican Book of Proverbs: 365 Daily Devotional Proverbs with Translations and

Jamaican Book of Proverbs: 365 Daily Devotional Proverbs with Translations and

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Jamaican Book of Proverbs is a compilation of beliefs or colloquial sayings rendered first in Patwah, the local vernacular, and then translated into English.

The Essence of each proverb is given "as well as a general Contextual explanation underlining the proverb's comedic, applicable, and profound underpinnings."

Take-aways, highlighted as Contemplations are also presented. The book's subtitle: 365 Daily Devotional Proverbs with Translations and Contextual Interpretations provides one primary intent of the book: an everyday reading guide for families, groups, or individuals at all reading levels. "Additional proverbs, given as Brata Proverbs, may be read at any time for entertainment or to further quench the thirst for universal truth and a higher sense of the expanding self."

About the Author and Playwright:
Beresford McLean was born in western St. Mary, Jamaica. He attended and taught high school in Kingston. In 1970 McLean emigrated to the United States where he studied physics and subsequently worked in engineering. His current focus is writing. Broken Gourds, his first inspirational folklore, was published to great acclaim in 2003. His second novel, Providence Pond, came three years later. Jamaican Book of Proverbs - a daily mediational guide based on Jamaican aphorisms - was published in the spring of 2018. McLean's third novel, a historical perspective on pre-independent Jamaica: Fish Hook River will be published in the fall of 2018. Beresford McLean's foray into playwriting is his shot play, First Snow. His first full length play The Good Villain will be released in fall 2018.